Wednesday, 18 January 2017


One can consider that a Hollywood Movie is good or bad without this means denying the correct form in which it is performed. There are films that are outrageous, but they are the result of the success of its filmmakers when filming it. That is, they were not mistaken in what they wanted to do, they got what they were looking for, even if the result seems poor or bad. But there are other titles, and here comes unexpected beauty , that some of ideas and very disputable and to top it fail to succeed in their desire to bring these ideas to fruition. Bad and failed, to put it clearly and quickly. So many things are wrong in this bad taste compendium that even it is difficult to order to analyze it. This certainly confirms his unsuccessful movie status. The protagonist of this multistelar film is Will Smith, who plays the owner of an advertising agency called Howard. The character is in a depression because of the death of his little daughter. Howard has as a way to not deteriorate at all the exercise of writing letters to death, love and time. If the reader has not yet left this note and his desire to see the film, patience, there is more. His colleagues and friends decide a plan to help him and is to hire three theatrical actors to interpret death, love and time. Yes, the door of hell has been opened wide, what follows is only for strong stomachs. The sum of common places, phrases made, solemn moments and other contraptions of low ethical quality multiply and are strengthened with an overwhelming solemnity. Only the presence of many known and valuable actors such as Smith, Edward Norton, Kate Winslet, Michael Peña, Helen Mirren and Keira Knightley can distract us a few minutes from the cinematic catastrophe we are seeing. Minutes, but not much. Because the film does not have the strength to protect their ideas or try to justify them. It is unsuccessful and is noted from the beginning to the end.

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