Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Latest Hollywood Terror Movies of 2017

2016 has been a fruitful year on the plane of terror and 2017 seems to be plagued by returns from many of the icons of contemporary terror and our childhood. In the section of the  most awaited 2017 horror movies mp4, it is necessary to clarify that to this list surely some summed up that they were not in the plans, something that always happens and that in the end end up entering in the compilation of the best Of the year on the plane of terror.
  • FRIDAY 13

The reboot of Friday 13 has been spoken since 2015 and the script has already passed 4 people, the last is Aaron Guzikowski who was the scriptwriter of Prisioners with Hugh Jackman. If the argument little is known beyond the rumor that we would see for the first time the father of Jason Vorhees (Elias Vorhees). What if it was completely ruled out is that it will not be a camera film in hand 'found footage' as it had been commented a while ago and that generated the anger of the fans. The direction will fall to Breck Eisner, who was the director of The Crazies and The Last Hunter of Bruges with Vin Diesel. With a production of Paramount Pictures and Platinum Dunes, the release date will be Friday, October 13, 2017.

The most diabolic doll ever, Anabelle.  The doll returns quite warm after the critics received in its first film. To make sure the film will honor the lugubrious aspect of the wrist, there is a change in direction in favor of David F. Sandberg , who is directing Lights Out .
In the cast we will have the talented Miranda Otto , the experienced Anthony LaPaglia and Lulu Wilson , the girl possessed of Ouija 2 that arrives here to break it.
Several years after the tragic death of his daughter, a toymaker who creates dolls (do not tell me) and his wife, they welcome a nurse and a group of girls at home to try to turn their home into a warm orphanage. However, the new tenants will become the target of Annabelle, a doll that keeps inside an evil invincible entity.
  • IT

It seems that it was an eternity when the remake of IT , the Devil Clown, was announced under the direction of Cary Fukunaga. Since then the film has gone through several drafts in the script and the direction passed by Andres Muschietti (Mama), after Fukunaga went for 'creative differences'.
The story would be exactly the same as in the original movie, where about 7 children are victims of an evil entity that exploits their fears and phobias more frightening becoming different things, taking mainly the form of an insane-looking clown.

In appearance Get Out looks like one of the most original horror movies that will arrive in the coming months. With a script and direction of Jordan Peele, the story revolves around a young African American who goes to the home town of his Caucasian girlfriend to meet his in-laws. In the village, he discovers that all African Americans who live there seem to behave in a very 'strange' way.
 Blumhouse produces this film by Jordan Peele, which is scheduled to premiere on February 24th. The cast is led by Lakeith Stanfield, Catherin Keener, Allison Williams and Bradley Withford.

World War Z was not a great movie, but if entertaining and with Brad Pitt move the grips was enough to make it a success. The sequel will again have Brad Pitt in the star and was to have the Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona but this took the stick. At this moment World War Z 2 has no director and there is talk of David Fincher to direct it, at least that is what Brad he wants.
We will not lie, of all the films on this list , World War Z2 is the one that is more in doubt if we will really see it in 2017 (pray why yes), in the coming months we can confirm.

Patient Zero is a new zombie movie by Austrian Stefan Ruzowitzky, who is known to be the director of Anatomy 1 and 2, The Falsifiers or the recent Deadfall with Eric Bana.
The film unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world swept by the zombies. A man, who has the ability to communicate with the infected, is the key to finding the desperate cure.

The film will star Natalie Dormer, Stanley Tucci and Matt Smith, with a preview scheduled for February. 

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